Use The Range

Open Practices:

Open Practices are not generally for introductory lessons. Group and private intro lessons are available (See options listed under Instruction menu.)

Open Practices are geared towards athletes with at least a basic understanding of biathlon procedures. Experienced athletes are welcome as well. There will be coaching available, but there is insufficient time/coaching staff to go over the whole shooting/range procedure. The idea is to give athletes time to train, or to add a specific, additional step to their range procedures, i.e. moving from a shooting rest to shooting with a cuff, or beginning the offhand position. Open to athletes with their own equipment and to those using club rifles. Limited ammunition amounts may be available for purchase. Athletes are responsible for setting up the range before practice (mats, paper targets, reset ropes etc.), and cleaning up the range and putting equipment away after practice.

Seasonal Membership: $75/person. Individual sessions: $10

Competency in range protocols, safety regulations, and range procedure may lead to individual qualification to use the Range by request with minimal supervision. Contact us for more information.