Wednesday Meister Series

The Biathlon Meisters Series is a race series running from the first week of January through the middle of March (weather permitting). The first Wednesday is a training/refresher day for athletes interested in competing in the series or returning from a previous year. No experience is necessary, we can find a competition class to fit any ability, skiing or shooting-wise. Jackson Biathlon welcomes competitors on skate, classic and snowshoe equipment. There are classes for Novice, Half Expert and Expert based on ones skiing or shooting ability.

Entry cost of the Series for 2015/2016 is $125/season or $15/race. For Novices, the entry fee includes a safety orientation and basic practice session and use of a Club rifle and ammunition. The race is usually held in a time-trial format, from 11AM to 4PM on Wednesday.

There is often an Open Practice [link] held before the race from 9AM to 11AM. Check the calendar [link to home page] for scheduling. The Biathlon Level 1 Lesson [link] is a great introduction to the sport and will definitely prepare you for the Novice class. There are generally four shooting bouts and five skiing loops, with distances per loop ranging from .5k (novice) to .75-1.25k for women and men.